The Team

Name: Pat Dziamba (SocietySoldier)

Real Life: Full time student at Rutgers

Info: Been into 40k for about 8 years. Grows snake moustaches.

Name: Jeff (Inquisitor Lok)

Real Life: Aerospace engineering student. Designs space ships (how cool's that)

Info: Been into 40k about 8 years. Can defy gravity.

Name: CancerMan (board nickname)

Real Life: Imperial Guard Commisar.

Info: International man of mystery and handy with a chainsword.

Name: Drew Sturrock (AridMonk)

Real Life: Print and internet distribution manager at PrintMatters.

Info: Been into 40k on and off for 10 years. Loads of armies. That's all cool, but this is awesome: co-driver in the South African Rally Championship with the Toyota Rally Team.

Name: Skrzyp (board nickname)

Real Life: Software Engineer.

Info: Been into 40k about 6 years.

Name: Jim (Hammerguard)

Real Life: Government and Post-Grad Archaeologist

Info: Older, but not any wiser. Been into 40k on and off for nearly 20 years. Jeez, that's a long time.