What We're About

Hi folks and welcome to the Child's Play Charity Army Build. 

Basically, we are a bunch of gamers from the Relic News Forums who decided to get together for a painting competition with a difference, one where we would donate our finished models to try and make an army that we could sell or auction, with all of the proceeds going to the Child's Play Charity that the Forums support every year in the run up to Christmas.

This kinda snowballed and it turned out that we now have over 3300 points of Blood Ravens to build, paint and try to make money from.

Now if this sounds like you've heard something like this before, you have.  The inspiration for the project came from the Storm Wardens project that ran last year for Doctors Without Borders.  A big thank you to those guys; you showed 40k isn't just about geeky guys with toy soldiers. It's about big hearted geeky guys with toy soldiers.

Over the next few weeks or so we'll be starting to post pics of the army as it is being painted and profiles of the folks who are taking part. We'll also be adding details about how we're going to ask you to contribute.

Anyway, that's the intro to the project. Please Follow us here or Like us on Facebook so that we can get this thing as widely known as possible. If you want to donate anything get in contact and we'll have a chat.

Here's where were at with donations so far -

HQ – 325pts

1 x SM Captain: Lightning Claw, Combi-Melta
1 x Librarian: Force Axe
1 x Chaplain

Troop – 925pts

3 x 10 SM Tactical Squad: Sgt with PF, Flamer, ML
1 x 10 SM Scouts Squad: 9 x Bolters, 1 x HB
1 x 5 SM Scout Squad: 1 x HB

3 x Rhino

Fast Attack – 340pts

1 x 10 SM Assault Squad: 2 x Flamer
1 x SM Land Speeder Storm
1 x SM Scout Bike Squad: 1 x Astartes Grenade Launcher

Elite – 1160pts

3 x SM Dreadnought
1 x SM Sternguard
1 x 10 SM Terminator Assault Squad 

Dedicated Transport: 1 x SM Land Raider Crusader: Sgt Chronus

Heavy Support – 590pts

1 x 5 SM Devastator Squad
1 x 5 SM Devastator Squad
1 x SM Whirlwind
1 x Vindicator

Total - 3340pts