Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We are LIVE!!

So, this is it, we are now live for donations!!

Donating money to this worthy cause is simple, just click on the ChipIn widget to the right; enter how much you want to donate and follow the instructions.

Between now and Christmas Eve (24th December) for every dollar you donate to Child's Play, we will place your name into the hat twice for a chance to receive:

  • A fully painted, ready to play Blood Ravens Army, approximately 3000pts worth! 
  • A brand new copy of Codex: Space Marines
  • Brand new, unopened boxes of space marines and paints, brushes and glue so you can add to your force! 
  • A guide on how to paint Blood Ravens by AridMonk, and a set of the same basing material used to base the army
  • A certificate with your name printed on it, that you can hang proudly from your wall to show everyone how awesome you are!
Just to reiterate, for each dollar you donate until December 24th, every dollar you donate will get you two chances to win, so if you donate 20 dollars, that's 40 chances!!

From Christmas Day until the 2nd of January 2012 when we will stop taking donations every dollar will give you one chance to win our grand thank you prize!!

We are also working on getting some more prizes, either to add into the main prize, or additional prizes to give other people who donated a chance to win! Details of those will be announced as we get the information in.

Remember, if you have something that you wish to contribute to the draw, email me at aridmonkATgmailDOTcom, and I will get back to you with the details!

The Draw

The draw will take place on the 4th January 2012, with the winner being notified on here, The Relicnews Forums, Bolter and Chainsword and via email.

So, to get into who we are, and why we decided to start this up.

The Who, the What, the Why

Every one of those who contributed models so far has been a member of the Relicnews Forums, which is a site dedicated to everything Relic, who of course are the makers of the Dawn of War series, as well as the new Space Marine game. The forum has a charity drive for Child's Play every year, in which the members of the forums donate money to the charity directly to aid and better the lives of sick children by donating games and toys to hospitals all over the world.

The small but dedicated Tabletop section decided to up the ante this year, and by following the inspiration set by the guys who did the Storm Wardens and Heroes of Armageddon projects, we asked for volunteers to gather their spare space marines, paint them up in the colours of Blood Ravens (the main protagonists of the Dawn of War games), and contribute to the project.

Originally, we viewed this as a small incentive to increase the amount of money the forums raise each year, but as the willing number of volunteers got bigger, we knew we had to expand our vision.

And so, we now offer you all the chance to donate to this amazing cause, and in doing so win a full sized ready to go army. Not many people can say that they managed to get a great space marine army for only $1!!

Remember though, the more money you donate, the more chances you have to win and the more you are helping to improve the lives of sick kids all over the world!

Donating couldn't be simpler!!

See that button on the top right of this page? Click that and donate some money to a super charity.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the money donated goes directly to Child's Play, not to us, so you can help the lives of children straight away by donating. Although we don't have access to any of your money we do know who's donated what and can keep an up to date list of all the contributions as well as the running total.

So, with that I say, GOGOGO!!

We will update here with totals every few days, and expect the photos of the first finished models tomorrow!


  1. looking forward to this project.

  2. Thanks SC; it's been a little longer in coming to fruition than we hoped but we're live now. Thanks for your support.

  3. This open for all parts of the world?

  4. Hi Gian,

    Certainly is; anyone, anywhere can make a donation to Child's Play.

    Many thanks

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