Tuesday, 3 January 2012

That's it folks

Well folks,

That's the donations closed and a BIG, BIG, thank you to everyone who donated. The total is standing at $1056  which is a fantastic amount of money raised for Child's Play.

Now onto the next part; over the next few days or so Arid and I will be getting the nitty gritty of the draw fixed. Unfortunately we're still waiting on a few model contributions coming in which have been delayed by the Christmas holidays and as soon as these are in we will make the draw. 

As previously intimated the winner will announced here, the Relicnews forums, Bolter and Chainsword and via email; so please ensure that when we do make the draw that you are able to confirm the amount you donated and when. The email address that we will notify will be the same one your donation was made from.    

Once again, many, many thanks; your support has been much appreciated.


  1. congrats
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